Performing an Assessment

After implementing policies and procedures designed to meet the ALTA Best Practices standards, your company is ready to undergo an assessment. Refer to the assessment option that best fits your company's needs.

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Self Assessment

A self assessment requires companies to internally review and test their policies and procedures to determine whether they meet the Best Practices standards. Use the tools below to conduct your self assessment and embark on the road towards compliance!

Assessment Readiness Guides

The Assessment Readiness Guides help companies self-assess their compliance with each pillar of ALTA's Best Practices. Each guide contains a series of simple yes/no questions about a company's practices and series of simple testing standards based on the Assessment Procedures for a specific pillar. The guides also allow companies to attach documents that evidence their compliance with Best Practices.

Resources for Certification Specialists

Using the tools below, a certification specialist may also perform an assessment of a company's policies and procedures to help determine whether the company meets the Best Practices standards.

  • AICPA Guidance
    CPAs may refer to Technical Questions and Answers produced by the AICPA to help guide any Best Practices engagements.

Need Help?

Check out ALTA's Elite Providers that can assist with Best Practices implementation, compliance, and assessments.
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