FCC Establishes Special Do-not-call Enforcement Team

October 2, 2003

FCC Chairman Michael K. Powell today announced the creation of a special Do-Not-Call Enforcement Team to enforce the Commission's Do-Not-Call telemarketing rules.

Chairman Powell said: ?Swift and strong enforcement of the FCC's National Do-Not-Call rules is our number one enforcement priority.? Enforcement Bureau Chief David H. Solomon added: ?This Team will ensure that we devote all the necessary resources to protect the privacy rights of American consumers. Our job has been made more difficult by recent court decisions relating to the Federal Trade Commission's rules. But telemarketers should make no mistake about it ? the FCC is on the job and we will do everything we can to enforce the FCC's own Do-Not-Call rules and our other telemarketing rules.?

The Do-Not-Call Team is composed of experienced attorneys and investigators. The Team is headed by Kurt Schroeder, Deputy Chief of the Enforcement Bureau's Telecommunications Consumers Division. In addition to enforcing the FCC's National Do-Not-Call rules, the Team is also responsible for enforcing the FCC's related telemarketing rules.

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