Stewart Re-Source and Xceligent Team to Provide Integrated Map-Based Market Intelligence

November 10, 2006

PropertyInfo Corp. and Xceligent, Inc., a nationwide provider of commercial real estate property and listings services, and Stewart Re-Source, a commercial real estate information firm with leading-edge Internet-based solutions, are working to integrate Stewart’s aerial images and geographic maps with Xceligent’s proprietary real estate information and listing data.

The application program interface (API) integration of Stewart Re-Source’s One-Source into Xceligent’s Web-based CDX will significantly enhance CDX mapping functionality to include map-based searches, interactive map display and map search results.

“We are delighted that Xceligent selected Stewart Re-Source to be its mapping and real estate information technology provider,” said Kas Ebrahim, president, Stewart Re-Source. “Our ability to provide multiple geo-enabled data content through an easy-to-implement API facilitates application development and deployment.”

The integration of new map-based products will enable Xceligent’s customers to perform tasks ranging from market research and property identification to report generation, faster and more effectively.

“Google, Microsoft and others have only half the equation. Stewart is the first to provide aerials with parcel boundaries tied into the assessor’s ownership information. We are excited about the opportunity to work with Stewart and integrate their world-class, one-of-a-kind platform with our comprehensive listing and property information. This will truly show the industry and its complexities in a visual format,” said Douglas J. Curry, CEO/Founder, Xceligent.

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