Customer Service Heroes: Motivate Your Employees to Deliver the Ultimate Experience – Seminar April 14

March 26, 2009

LTI along with Kiplinger Financial present this important telephone seminar, where you'll discover a step-by-step strategy to distinguish the Customer Service Heroes on your staff and motivate them to demonstrate unconditional commitment to maintaining customer loyalty.  This presentation will show you how to:

  • Identify and hire people who already understand the importance of customer loyalty and can quickly apply what they know,
  • Determine what motivates employees from each generational group -- especially the "Millennials" -- to put forth their best effort,
  • Show employees how to "speak the language" of your customers,
  • Provide comprehensive, practical customer service training -- beyond mere policies and procedures -- in real time,
  • Communicate clearly and regularly with staff members to avoid misunderstandings,
  • Be a coach rather than a cop,
  • Resolve conflicts not only between staff members but also between employees and customers,
  • Confront uncooperative employees using the "Behavior Blindness" technique.
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