Calyx Software Updates WebCaster Web Site Service

October 9, 2007

Calyx Software Updates WebCaster Web Site Service

SAN JOSE, Calif.-- Calyx Software®,releaed the latest veriosn of WebCaster® --an affordable Web site service that enables mortgage professionals to market their business online. The enhancements include the addition of twelve new site designs and four new loan calculators.

Calyx’s WebCaster product offers a wide array of site designs to provide brokers with a professional Web site that complements their brand identity most effectively. With the addition of twelve new templates, mortgage professionals can now develop a unique style to reflect their business image.

WebCaster is specifically designed to work with Calyx’s loan origination system (LOS) software Point®, and offers WebCaster Desktop, a feature that notifies originators as soon as prospects submit loan applications on their WebCaster site. Those applications are then securely transferred directly to Point or Point Data Server® for subsequent processing. This feature can be downloaded from the WebCaster Administration site, at no additional cost to WebCaster subscribers.

Additionally, the latest version includes four new loan calculators: fixed rate vs. adjustable rate mortgages (ARMs); 15-year vs. 30-year mortgages; refinance interest savings; and an interest-only calculator. With a total of ten loan calculators, WebCaster provides a convenient way for prospective borrowers to instantly calculate optimal downpayment and interest rate scenarios directly from the broker’s Web site.

“Calyx WebCaster is an affordable solution that can dramatically change the way a broker does business, especially in today’s Internet age,” said Ted Hicks, business development manager of Calyx Software. “By following a few simple steps, a mortgage broker can have a custom designed Web site that provides around the clock service to clients, leading to increased revenue for his or her business.”

Source: Calyx Software