Government Affairs Committee

The purpose and scope of work of this committee is to:

  1. Recommend to the Board of Governors positions and involvement in federal and state governmental activities affecting the land title industry.
  2. Develop and implement strategy and tactics in accordance with the bylaws to facilitate legislative/regulatory objectives.
  3. Maintain a positive profile with allied organizations, working toward developing effective, cooperative relationships on legislative and regulatory initiatives of mutual interest to ALTA and the allied organizations.
  4. Analyze and monitor federal and state governmental activities that would have a substantial impact on the land title industry.
  5. Establish and maintain legislative and regulatory contacts at federal and state levels and coordinate such efforts with Association members.
  6. Assist in the organization and program content for federal, state and regional land title seminars.
  7. Provide speech content and articles to assist Association chair officers, affiliated state/regional association executives and others in describing legislative/regulatory proposals affecting the land title industry.

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