™ exceeds 1 million online transactions in 2005

February 15, 2006

HOUSTON – eTitleSearch, Ultima’s Web portal for publishing land records and title plant information, conducted more than one million transactions in 2005.

“We are very pleased but not at all surprised by this milestone,” said Neal Morris, Internet services director for Ultima. “When we published our first county five years ago, we knew this program would be a success. We now have 86 counties publishing online.

“The fact that this application was utilized over one million times last year tells me our vision is being realized – title companies are seeing the benefits of eTitleSearch and are realizing the contribution to their overall financial success, while users benefit from searching online with premium features,” added Morris. “It’s a win-win situation.”

Users across the World Wide Web search land records and related documents for 86 counties, employing such search criteria as document number, book and page, property address, name and legal description. Advanced searching features are also available such as phone book and hyper-link name searching, range of dates, book and page range, instrument types, SoundEX and initial name matching.

Another key feature of eTitleSearch is SearchManager™, which allows users to reorganize the search results. Users may then print/save the resulting listing.

Evan Quiros, CEO of Border Title in Laredo, Texas, has been publishing his title plant on the Internet for two years via

“We have doubled our online transactions from a year ago,” said Quiros. “eTitleSearch allows us to recoup the investment made in our title plant. And our users especially appreciate the 24-hour access and superior searching capabilities offered by eTitleSearch.”

Source: Stewart Information Services Corp.

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