Agents National Title Launches Qualified Intermediary Services

May 20, 2020

Agents National Title Insurance Co. (ANTIC) announced that it now offers qualified intermediary services through the launch of Agents Exchange LLC.

Agents Exchange works with real estate tax, and legal professionals to manage the risk associated with exchange process deadlines.

“ANTIC is always well-positioned to respond to industry needs and to serve our independent title agents – our sister company Agents Exchange is ready to continue and expand that reputation of integrity, knowledge, and excellent customer service,” said David Townsend, president of ANTIC.

Brent Scheer, Agents Exchange chief financial manager, also knows that Agents Exchange clients can be assured that they have in fact found an intermediary that is qualified. 

“Agents Exchange clients have the great benefit of their exchange receiving personalized coordination by professionals with years of industry experience, of knowing that the exchange funds are securely held with Fifth Third Bank, and of being able to depend on Agents Exchange to manage deadlines and facilitate the exchange from start to finish,” Scheer added.  

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