Title Counsel Work Group

The purpose and scope of work of this work group is to:

  1. Promote the exchange of information within the ALTA membership about current developments in the law affecting title insurance and conveyancing generally.
  2. Conduct semi-annual meetings to facilitate the exchange of information.
  3. Establish an institutional mechanism for sharing views on common legal problems.
  4. Assist the ALTA Legislative & Regulatory Counsel in advising ALTA officers and staff on specific legal developments.
  5. Assist the ALTA Legislative & Regulatory Counsel in providing legal review of publications and other legal documents.
  6. Act as task force on any legal problem facing the title industry which is identified by the Title Insurance Underwriters Section executive committee as warranting the committee's consideration.
  7. Assist the ALTA Legislative & Regulatory Counsel in the development of bulletins to the membership on legal and general underwriting issues of broad concern.

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