Title Company Reports Large New Order Volume

October 21, 2009

Title agencies looking to generate new order volume may want to look to the results of one West Coast company.

According to Darryl Turner, CEO of the Darryl Turner Corp., he helped the agency develop more than 1,700 additional orders in six months -- all from newly converted customers.

Using Turner’s exclusive customer and revenue development systems along with the dedication of managers to the revenue development model, 1,700 orders, totaling nearly $1 million in “Plus Revenue” were recognized by one company in six months. The $1 million was calculated by multiplying the 1,700 orders by the close ratio and then multiplied by the average fee per file.

During the accrued six-month period of time, the title and escrow sales team and management focused on deploying full engagement recognizing fast and rapid new customer growth, Turner said.

“The dedication to the specific identified steps of my sales process, structured follow through and coaching from management were critical to the overall results,” Turner said. According to Turner, nearly all salespeople were active through all three steps of the training support and coaching process. During the six-month period, all new customers and orders were tracked closely by management. All results were validated, confirmed and counted if they met all criteria including making sure that all new customers being ones where no intentionally directed volume within the prior six months of application took place.

For more information on Turner’s new customer and revenue development systems they can be contacted at 800-551-2946 x216 or at www.DarrylTurner.com.

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