St. Louis to Automate Recording

November 3, 2009

St. Louis, Mo., recently signed an agreement with eRecording Partners Network that will allow the city to automate the receipt of land record documents. Under the terms of the agreement, individuals from anywhere in the nation can now submit documents to the city for electronic recordation.

Traditionally, these documents had to be submitted either by messenger or taken to the office by real estate professionals. Now, companies can cut travel expenses, while they also reduce the amount of time it takes to get their documents recorded into the public record.

"We are extremely excited and pleased to be working with the city of St. Louis," said Peter Duffy, the executive vice president of business development for ePN. "We are looking forward to growing (the) eRecording (process) in Missouri."

ePN is a provider of eRecording software to both the commercial and government land records industries. The Colorado-based company aims to create better communication between document creators and counties throughout the United States. The company makes it possible for counties of all sizes to access the benefits of the technological advancements its provides. These benefits include faster processing, quicker turn-around times and more cost effective transmission of documented materials.

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