System to Identify Recording Jurisdictions Under 30-Day Comment Period

December 8, 2011

The Property Records Industry Association announced that the Recording Jurisdiction Identification (RJID) number that have been developed for identifying recoding jurisdictions with a specific number is now under a 30-day review and comment period.

PRIA said the RJID project was initiated because there is no national identification system that encompasses all recording jurisdictions. While a FIPS code normally works at the county level, it does not adequately cover all recording jurisdictions, especially those involving a city, district or borough. The reasoning behind the RIJD table is to provide a uniform code system and a central location for all industry participants to access the codes. The intent is for the RJID number to be used following the lender's application process, passed to the title agent doing the research and then back to the lender's loan origination system for release processing. PRIA said this system will ensure that all recording fees are being calculated by the proper recording jurisdiction and recordable documents are being sent to the correct jurisdiction.

Comments should be submitted back to Jeff Carlson or Joan McCalman, workgroup co-chairs by Friday, Jan. 6, 2012.

To access the RJID code, click here.

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