Qualia Launches API for Companies to Scale Digital Title Capabilities

August 25, 2022

Qualia released an API to help companies scale their title operations by providing the ability to automatically connect internal software tools, integrate with commercial partners and analyze comprehensive performance data.

With Qualia API, businesses can automatically place and track title orders, as well as access comprehensive order, accounting, and contact data on their files in order to build custom notifications and executive-level performance dashboards. API customers can use these capabilities to design custom client experiences as well as track performance, productivity, revenue, and pipeline across clients and settlement agency branches. These insights can then be used to identify areas for improvement operationally, visualize business trends over time when used with their BI tools, and ensure CRM and accounting systems all stay in sync.

“Our mission at Qualia is to create a simple and secure journey to home ownership,” said Nate Baker, CEO at Qualia. “As part of that, we continue to develop technology that helps businesses engineer full end-to-end purchase and refinance experiences. The API makes it easy for businesses to expand without an expensive and timely investment in custom built technology.”

A set of pull and push API capabilities and a secure authorization framework enable title agents to connect internal systems for a more streamlined title and escrow operations infrastructure. For businesses without internal title operations, the API also enables direct, digital access to a national network of technology-enabled independent title agents.

“We think about Qualia as an extension of the Redfin ecosystem and that’s not possible without the Qualia API,” said Mary Pappas, principal product manager at Redfin. “With the Qualia API, we don’t have to spend tens of millions of dollars in R&D to build out ways to streamline our title & escrow experience. The Qualia platform makes it possible for us to package, market, and let our customers have a cohesive experience that would not otherwise be possible as a set of discrete services.”

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