Visionet Introduces New Portal for Title Production Solution

September 27, 2022

Visionet Systems unveiled a new portal for its AtClose title production system to help title companies improve their client experience by reducing closing times.

The new consumer portal enables real-time collaboration and visibility between the borrower and all major parties involved in the transaction. The secure, digital workspace allows title companies, sellers, borrowers and real estate agents to manage the process by sending, signing and storing documents, contracts and other agreements as well as obtaining information online through secured portal. AtClose also provides each of the involved parties with a real time status of the transaction.

"AtClose is proven to successfully enhance the internal processes for title companies to enable faster closings and improved partner communications," said Adeel Ahmad, senior vice president and head of AtClose at Visionet Systems. "We're now harnessing that success by launching a portal that benefits the consumer. The primary purpose of this portal is to ensure seamless communication between all parties involved and to keep them updated on the status of applications and other documents so that closings can be executed faster, and borrowers have an enhanced experience."

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