South Oak Title Partners With Tennessee Title Services

April 27, 2023

Alabama-based South Oak Title has partnered with Tennessee Title Services LLC

“I’ve been good friends with the team at Tennessee Title for a while now, and they have offices strategically located just north of Huntsville, Alabama,” said Marcus Hunt, co-owner of South Oak Title. “The goal of this partnership is for our two companies to combine our expertise and resources to increase our presence in the Huntsville market, which is now the largest city in Alabama and one of the fastest growing in the Southeast.”

Tennessee Title and South Oak Title will operate under the South Oak brand. They plan to open additional offices in the Huntsville and Decatur markets. Both companies will remain independent in the other markets where they have offices. South Oak also has offices in Florida and Tennessee.

“This partnership allows us to better serve our real estate partners that are actively expanding into the Huntsville and North Alabama markets,” said Josh Terry of Tennessee Title,

Title Success, a company that specializes in industry acquisitions and exit strategies, helped coordinate the partnership between the two companies.

Robert McNearney, co-owner of South Oak Title, said, “Their team of title industry professionals helped us facilitate conversations and solidify the deal. They took the stress out of the process so we could focus on meeting consumer demand and increasing our presence in Alabama.”

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