Introduces Secure DocLink

May 22, 2024, which provides a conversational artificial intelligence-powered virtual assistant for title agents, has introduced a secure document delivery system that creates a temporary, convenient means to connect real estate agents, buyers and sellers to their title and closing documents without the need for a password or creation of a new account. 

Secure DocLink uses secure links through “passwordless authentication” to provide the equivalent of a secure pathway, opening access for agents, brokers and consumers who need to review or download title or closing documents. For the title agent, there is no need to expose the documents to or store them with third parties (with any associated potential NPI risks), the company said in a release. Instead, Secure DocLink opens a virtual pathway between the user and the document, without any need to alter where or how that document is stored. The Secure DocLink pathway can be set to expire at a time of the title agent’s choosing. For the user, it means no need to create a new account, download a new app or remember a series of passwords to access their documents. 

“Real estate agents and title agents alike are constantly telling us that it’s a burden to have a different means of communication or document sharing for each and every firm or, in some cases, even transaction,” said Hoyt Mann, co-founder and president of “Secure DocLink is a simple and frictionless, but extremely secure means for real estate agents or consumers alike to get into the document they need, and do what they need to. For title agents, it’s a layer of elite security without having to rely on a third (or even fourth) party.”

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