Caller Id Rules For Telemarketers Take Effect

January 30, 2004

Telemarketers May Not Block Caller ID Information

Beginning on January 29, 2004 , telemarketers are required by FCC rules to transmit caller ID information when making telemarketing calls, regardless of their calling system. Providing this information to those receiving telemarketing calls will, in many cases, let consumers know in advance who is calling and allow them to make a do-not-call request, if desired.

The Commission's caller ID rules for telemarketers were adopted last July as part of its Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) proceeding, but did not go into effect until today.

The Commission's rules provide that caller ID information must include either calling party number (CPN) or automatic number identification (ANI), and, when available by the telemarketer's carrier, the name of the telemarketer. CPN can include any number associated with the telemarketer or party on whose behalf the call is made, that allows the consumer to identify the caller. This includes a number assigned to the telemarketer by its carrier, the specific number from which a sales representative placed a call, the number for the party on whose behalf the telemarketer is making the call, or the seller's customer service number. Any number supplied must permit an individual to make a do-not-call request during regular business hours for the duration of the telemarketing campaign. These requirements also apply to companies with whom the called party has an established business relationship.

Source: FCC

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