Senate Subcommittee on Economic Policy Schedules Hearing on National Flood Insurance Repetitive Losses for March 11th.

March 4, 2004

Scheduled Witnesses:

Panel 1

  • · Honorable Barbara Mikulski , United States Senator
  • · Honorable Doug Bereuter , Member of Congress
  • · Honorable Earl Blumenauer , Member of Congress

Panel 2

  • · Honorable Anthony Lowe , Federal Insurance Administrator and Mitigation Division Director, Federal Emergency Management Agency
  • · Mr. William Jenkins , Jr., Director - Homeland Security and Justice, U.S. General Accounting Office

Panel 3

  • · Mr. William Stiglitz, III , Hyland, Block, Hyland Insurance of Louisville, KY Mr. Steven M. Feldmann , Director of Community Affairs, The Fischer Group, Crestview Hills, KY
  • · Mr. Chad Berginnis , CFM, Chair, Association of State Flood Plan Managers, Inc.
  • · Mr. Greg Kosse , Associate General Counsel, Kentucky Farm Bureau Mutual Insurance Company

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