8th Annual Analysis of Bundling Real Estate Service Released By Swanepoel Group

November 21, 2005

This eighth publication in the series explores the tangled world of one-stop-shopping through an analysis of the bundling of mortgage and closing services. In the history of the various industries providing products and services to consumers, there is a fairly predictable sequence of events:

  • A truly new product or service is offered,
  • The product or service adds many extensions, options and/or arrangements in an effort to provide the consumer with a good deal of choice and then,
  • The sheer amount of choice becomes inefficient and the consumer looks for (and the industry provides) simplified and in many cases “bundled” standard packages.
Residential real estate agents will tell you that consumers are already coming to them armed with the exact homes they want to see in a particular neighborhood. There is no doubt about it, the consumer is gaining control of the home finding process, is beginning to look for ways to control the home selling process and is looking for ways to simplify and bring predictability to the settlement process - all the services they need.

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