GlobeXplorer(R)'s ImageAtlas Lets Users Step Back Through Time From Above

February 9, 2006

WALNUT CREEK, Calif.--GlobeXplorer has announced the latest functionality addition to their ImageAtlas aerial/satellite/map viewer: the ability to instantly pick, compare, and purchase images from multiple dates. sers simply zoom to their area of interest and then click on a pull-down menu to select from all of the versions of imagery GlobeXplorer carries at that location and zoom level. Multi-date picking gives ImageAtlas users full access to GlobeXplorer's industry-leading catalog of imagery spanning back 15 years, and in some areas, much further.

Users now have the ability to instantly select a version with the date, color balance, and resolution that best suits their needs, and easily see change in their areas of interest over time. Up to 12 different image versions can be accessed in many major metropolitan areas, dating back to the early 1990s. Users can instantly purchase large digital files and prints of the images, and subscribers have the ability to right-click and copy unwatermarked images directly from the viewer.

"We're excited to finally give our ImageAtlas users the functionality that's been in our programmers' toolkits and our GIS extensions for some time: the ability to access our entire archive, not just the 'latest and greatest,'" said Paul Smith, GlobeXplorer's COO. "Our archive generally extends back about 10 to 15 years, but a few areas go back much further. For example, we have some downtown London imagery shot during World War II, from Cities Revealed.

"For the past seven years, GlobeXplorer has been steadily compiling the largest commercial archive of imagery in the business, and we're excited to finally make its full depth available to our ImageAtlas customers," added Smith. "Our partnerships with most of the world's leading aerial and satellite imagery firms have allowed us to build this archive to be one of the most extensive resources of its kind. We're currently at about 600 terabytes of image and map data, and we add about a terabyte of imagery a week. As our collection grows, so does the number of imagery versions available over most domestic and many international locations."

GlobeXplorer's ImageAtlas imagery and map viewer can be accessed at

Source: GlobeXplorer, LLC

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