EchoSign Launches First Web 2.0 Document Tracking and Management Service

March 22, 2006

PALO ALTO, CA -- EchoSign ( has launched the first Web 2.0 service that completely automates the process of signing, tracking and archiving agreements. EchoSign dramatically reduces the cost and complexity of managing signed documents and contracts for small, medium and large businesses. There is no software to install, no training required, and there are no new systems to learn.

With EchoSign, users have instant access from anywhere to all of their agreements as well as their status -- which documents are still out for signature; which ones have been signed; and which ones haven't. EchoSign both automatically tracks down written fax signatures, and also has an optional e-signature feature that makes it even easier to sign documents from any location. And EchoSign archives all of its users' documents in the standard PDF format, with the signature included.

"Every business struggles to get documents signed on a timely basis, but how do you keep track of which ones are signed and which are still out for signature? How do you make sure documents actually get signed once you send them out? And how do you find a signed agreement, months after you've signed it?" said Jeff Zwelling, President and Co-Founder of EchoSign. "EchoSign solves these problems with a novel document exchange platform that keeps track of all your executed documents, and automatically organizes them and makes them accessible at anytime."

In fact, 75 percent of U.S. companies can not find 90 percent of their contracts, according to research conducted by Aberdeen Research Group.

Getting an agreement signed through EchoSign takes only seconds. Users simply email an agreement that needs to be signed through The recipient then receives an email with the agreement attached, and just signs and faxes the agreement back using the enclosed EchoSign fax cover sheet. Upon receiving the fax, EchoSign then automatically e-mails signed copies of the agreement to all parties as a PDF. For easy access, the signed document is also available anytime in all parties' EchoSign accounts and can be forwarded to other professionals, if necessary.

Source: EchoSign

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