Stewart Mortgage Information launches new valuation product, Collateral Profile

April 11, 2006

HOUSTON -Stewart Mortgage Information premiered of new real estate valuation product, Collateral Profile, this week/

Collateral Profile is an alternative valuation product available through e-Titleā„¢, SMI's national vendor management company. e-Title offers a comprehensive array of settlement service solutions to lenders, including insured and uninsured title products, centralized closing and settlement solutions, and automated and traditional valuation products.

e-Title provides customers with a single point of contact along with electronic order, delivery, status and reporting, as well as a choice of using either its centralized vendor management company or Stewart Title's local issuing offices for title and settlement fulfillment.

By leveraging the expertise of local real estate professionals in conjunction with the speed and accessibility of online data sources, Collateral Profile is able to effectively service the national market. The product features faster delivery, significantly lower pricing than a standard drive-by appraisal, and upgrade discounts on traditional appraisal services. Collateral Profile also offers a great step-up option for a lender whose AVM results in a "no hit" or a low confidence score.

"Designed for the delivery speed demanded by the current real estate financing environment, Collateral Profile is an alternative product that bridges the gap between automated valuation models and traditional valuation products," said Kevin Gugenheim, SMI president and COO. "The product analyzes data from three comparable data sources and generates a desktop report providing basic information on the subject property, including neighborhood conditions, and also provides a value range for the subject property."

Source: Stewart Mortgage Information

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