Placer Title Company Selects Antepo for Secure Enterprise IM

April 20, 2006

NEW YORK, /PRNewswire/ -- Placer Title Company (PTC), one of the West Coast's largest independent title insurance and escrow companies, has selected OPN System(TM), Antepo's award-winning business solution for IM and presence management. "Instant messaging has become an integral part of our businesses -- particularly in speeding workflow," notes Ryan Murphy, System Administrator for PTC. "We chose Antepo's OPN System to provide a standard, stable IM network, and most importantly to ensure the privacy of our chat sessions."

PTC joins a host of corporations seeking to achieve availability-based communication across its organization. The Antepo OPN System allows for faster and more efficient corporate communication. Unlike e-mail or the telephone, it instantly indicates whether contacts are online and available to communicate, as well as which devices they may be using. This information allows colleagues to quickly locate their contacts for a conversation or meeting, ultimately speeding up time-sensitive business processes that save time and ultimately boost the bottom line.

Placer Title Company (PTC) provides title searches and examinations, issues title insurance policies, handles commercial and residential escrows and other real estate related services. Placer Title continues to extend its commercial and residential services by empowering talented, innovative people to make the decisions necessary to satisfy customers on the spot and by utilizing technology that delivers measurable improvement of service to our most valuable end user -- our customers. For more information about the Antepo IM solution, visit

Source: Antepo

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