Real Estate Industry leaders Blog Together

April 20, 2006

ALISO VIEJO, CA, - Until a year ago blogs were considered a curiosity, but this early cult phenomenon has now gone mainstream in a big way. Today there are thought to be more than 30 million "bloggers" worldwide and growing by thousands every day. Blog is short for "web log," and is basically an online platform published on a website where "bloggers" (those who write the entries) offer their opinions and thoughts.

To meet this growing need in the real estate industry RealBlogging RealBlogging ( the self proclaimed Official Real Estate Industry Blog - was launched this week. Validating that claim is their line up of bloggers that reads like an industry who's who of Authors, Speakers and Real Estate Experts. Collectively RealBlogging may have pooled together the most extensive real estate brain trust the industry has ever seen. With interaction and blogging in large part being based on the sharing of knowledge, this level of cooperation is unheard of and to be applauded.

The initial group of real estate bloggers includes:

  • Michael Russer - Author, speaker and nationally recognized as Mr. Internet.
  • John Tuccillo - Author, speaker and former Chief Economist for the National Association of RealtorsĀ®.
  • Jeremy Conaway - Widely recognized as one of the leading experts on RealtorĀ® Association restructuring.
  • Jack Peckham - Founder and organizer of the largest online real estate Society and convention.
  • Ralph Roberts - TIME Magazine's "#1 RealtorĀ® in Northern America."
  • Don Hobbs - Speaker and co-founder of one the leading advertising and marketing companies for real estate professionals.
  • Bill Shue - President of one of the largest mentoring services for real estate professionals.
  • Darlene Lyons - President of one of the largest speaker's bureau in the real estate industry.
  • Joe Kennedy - Founding father of the Accredited Seller Agency (ASR).
  • Terri Murphy - Author, national speaker and trainer.
  • Jim Remley - Author and creator of the Accredited Luxury Homes Specialist (ALHS).
  • Allen Wright - aka The Business Planner for real estate professionals.
  • Don Murray - Entrepreneur and real estate technology innovator.
  • Kendra Shearer - Season I winner of The Real Estate Apprentice.
  • Michael Krisa - aka The Interview Guy.
  • Philip Schoewe - Real estate educator and trainer.
  • Richard Nacht - Author and real estate blogging expert.
  • Terry Watson - International speaker and trainer.
  • Stefan Swanepoel - Author and widely recognized expert on trends on the real estate industry.
According to Stefan Swanepoel, who pulled this leadership group together, "we have all, at one stage or another, thought about creating our own real estate blog but the time and effort it takes to maintain a quality blog site, filled with continuous high level copy covering a broad base of subject matter, is almost impossible. Each of us has a different expertise, so we compliment each other and collectively provide a much better vehicle for the industry to participate in."

Blogging Systems was selected to be the most appropriate and overall best blogging vendor to manage RealBlogging. Each blog written by a Contributor is not only posted chronologically on top of each other in the overall Community section as most blog sites function, but additional copies are featured in each Contributors' own private Blog section as well as in all of the appropriate 21 Subject Matter categories. Agents can easily follow the latest news, their favorite blogger or just focus on a specific real estate topic of interest. The new site also includes various additional features such as podcasting, discussion groups, photo albums and wikis. Richard Nacht, President of Blogging Systems said "It is indeed an honor for us to host such a great group of influential people in one place. This is a first for any industry that we are aware off and again shows the leadership position the real estate industry has taken by staying at the forefront of new technology." is open for any real estate professional to post comments and/or blogs. Next month RealBlogging will be expanding its network of Official contributors by adding more industry leaders who would like to pool their talent into building one industry-wide mega real estate blog site. "RealBlogging is all about including all real estate professionals," Swanepoel said. "We hope to openly discuss all topically and important topics that affect the industry we all care about so much."

So with that open invitation what are you waiting for, go to, read or blog away.

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