a la mode Blazes Trail Toward 'Last Mile' in eMortgages With Public Beta Release of SureDocs

May 4, 2006

OKLAHOMA CITY, /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- a la mode, one of the most mission critical and influential technology companies in the real estate industry, today redefined the landscape of both software distribution and eMortgages by announcing the release of SureDocs as a public beta.

SureDocs allows users to generate mortgage related documents in industry standard PDF format, deliver them to others in a GLB compliant manner and get e-signed copies back in minutes. The public beta release means SureDocs is absolutely free to all mortgage professionals.

With lenders and investors, federal regulators and borrowers all pushing the industry toward the over promised but so far under delivered eMortgage, SureDocs lets any broker or mortgage professional get started with compliant, secure e-signatures and 100 percent digital documents, with no pressure.

"It's clear that the eMortgage can't be decreed from on high -- it has to grow upward from ground level," commented a la mode CEO Scott Kinnaird. "SureDocs, particularly released in public beta, will seed the industry with thousands of eMortgage and e-signature capable brokers and professionals. None of whom will be caught unprepared when Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac start demanding paperless docs."

The public beta concept is new to mortgage technology, Kinnaird noted, but not to software development overall. "But companies that have been leaders in public beta distribution, like Google, Macromedia and Microsoft, generally are pre-releasing software users expect to get for free. It's rare in any segment for a company to release a public beta that would normally retail for $499. That's how important it is to the industry as a whole that SureDocs get on as many desktops as possible."

SureDocs is designed to be as easy to use as a printer. Users prepare disclosures and other documents in their LOS or any other Windows program, and simply print to the SureDocs "virtual printer" instead of a paper printer. SureDocs creates industry standard PDF files, lets users review and mark them up if desired, and then uploads them automatically to a secure encrypted website.

In addition to delivering today's technology demands, doing business paperlessly saves brokers and loan officers paper and printing costs, shipping, and, best of all, time. "RESPA's three days for disclosures is forever to a borrower in today's market," remarked Brad Eaton, a la mode's Vice President of Mortgage Products. "Every wasted moment is a moment your competitors can take that borrower away from you." Paperless mortgages also deliver more convenience to today's on-the-go homeowners.

Eaton explained that SureDocs is more than a secure, digital mechanism for sending documents to borrowers. "SureDocs also sends vital loan information to assistants, processors, or outside settlement services in a secure and compliant manner," he said. "In addition, with SureDocs, you're in compliance with GLB's security provisions because all information is viewed over password protected, encrypted web connections. E-mail is only used to notify others that documents are ready."

Borrower e-signed documents are also compliant with federal ESIGN and UETA laws, as well, Eaton said.

a la mode officers are available for interview on SureDocs, eMortgages and e-signatures, document delivery compliance issues and more.

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