eTitleAxis First Title and Settlement System to Enable Web-to-Phone Notifications and E-mail Open Orders

May 4, 2006

LAS VEGAS, NV AND FRISCO, TEXAS –2006 (ALTA Hall Settlement Systems, owner of comprehensive Web-based title and settlement automation system, eTitleAxis, is the title industry’s first transaction management system to enable Web-to-phone signing package notification, and provide the ability to open orders via e-mail, including messaging-enabled mobile devices.

Title agencies, lenders, brokers and signing agents all benefit from these new eTitleAxis enhancements because it allows all parties to expedite the open order to closing process. Hall Settlement Systems’ clients are quickly becoming recognized as one of the fastest, yet comprehensive, nationwide closers in the industry. Hall Settlement Systems’ customers are achieving this recognition by utilizing eTitleAxis, a 100% Web-based transaction management system, its third-party vendor services like tax searches, and by their ability to deliver customer-specific closing processes. These two new customer-driven enhancements will further Hall Settlement Systems’ customer goals of utilizing technology to speed up the closing process and differentiate the services they provide.

An overview of these new industry firsts:

  • E-mail Open Order:  eTitleAxis now provides the flexibility of opening an order via a user’s e-mail, including messaging-enabled wireless devices (e.g. BlackBerry devices and PDA’s).  Title companies and their clients, such as lenders or brokers can simply send an e-mail with the appropriate order information to the eTitleAxis system.  Once the eTitleAxis system receives the e-mail, an order is opened electronically and the new business can immediately begin to be processed.   
  • Voice Over IP (VoIP) Telephone Notification:  Title companies have always been able to notify signing agents or other selected individuals of package availability via the eTitleAxis system.  This new features assists eTitleAxis users by having the system automatically call signing agents to notify them of a closing package that is available to be processed.  The system will also call when a closing has been rescheduled, thus saving closers a tremendous amount of time calling signing agents to provide them with closing statuses, and notifying them to access eTitleAxis to download closing packages. 

“Our goal is to ensure that eTitleAxis is the best title and settlement system in the industry,” said Wendy Gibson, senior vice president for Hall Settlement Systems. “We continue to enhance eTitleAxis with new customer-driven features to ensure our clients are productive, have the ability to grow their business and deliver outstanding customer service through the use of technology.”

Source: Hail Settlement Systems

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