PRIA Posts Request and Response Standards

June 27, 2006

Durham, NC – The Property Records Industry Association (PRIA) announced today that the review period for its proposed version 2.4 Request and Response DTD standards has been completed without challenge. These DTD’s are now published as an adopted standard. 

The publication of these two DTD’s completes the technical work for the second version of the PRIA eRecording XML standards. The complete PRIA standard is comprised of four DTD’s: Document, Notary (a subset of Document), Request and Response.

The previous version of the PRIA standard focused solely on the electronic document itself. Version 2.4 expands the standard to include Request and Response standards as well. 

In keeping with the alliance agreement previously announced between PRIA and the Mortgage Industry Standards Maintenance Organization (MISMO) all four of the current PRIA standards have undergone review by MISMO to insure synchronization between the work products of the two standard setting bodies. 

While formally published as DTD’s, the new standards are also available in a “zero-delta” schema format. According to PRIA President, Mark Monacelli, “This additional feature is a nod to PRIA’s commitment to moving to a full featured XML schema format in conjunction with MISMO’s schema development efforts thus reinforcing PRIA’s desire to keep technology standards for the recording industry well coordinated with the technology standards of the mortgage lending industry.”

The proposed standards can be accessed at the following address:

Source: The Property Records Industry Association

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