California Land Title Association Urges Governor to Sign Bill (AB 2126) Streamlining Child Support Collection

July 3, 2006

SACRAMENTO, Calif., /PRNewswire/ -- The California Land Title Association (CLTA), whose member title companies serve as the primary source for the collection of child support liens in the state, today urged Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger to sign Assembly Bill 2126 by Assemblyman Ted Lieu (D-El Segundo). AB 2126 establishes a single rule governing the enforcement period and renewal procedure for money judgments and judgments for the sale of property under the Family Code.

B 2126 passed through the Legislature without opposition and has been sent to Governor Schwarzenegger for final approval.

"The California Land Title Association supports AB 2126 and urges Governor Schwarzenegger to sign this bill into law. AB 2126 would apply a single rule to all Family Code judgments, ending confusion about child support liens and strengthening the enforcement of the law to protect children and parents who have a legal right to this money," said CLTA Executive Vice President Lawrence Green.

Full-protection title insurance relies upon an exhaustive search of the public record to identify and correct liens and encumbrances on property. A recent national study showed that title companies undertake corrective action in more than one out of every three real estate transactions. From a practical perspective, this often results in the collection of delinquent child support, spousal support and tax payments.

According to official data from the California Department of Child Support Services, the state's title companies have collected more than $250 million of delinquent child support payments since 2002.

Source: The California Land Title Association (CLTA)

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