Montgomery County Takes the Lead in eRecording of Land Documents

July 11, 2006

Nancy J. Becker, Montgomery County Recorder of Deeds announced that Montgomery County’s first digital land document was recorded on June 27, 2006. Through a collaborative effort with Pennsylvania Land Title Association’s (PLTA) Vice President, Dallys Novarina, CLTP, G.R.I., C.R.S., President of Dallys Associates, Simplifile and the Montgomery County Recorder of Deeds office, the first Mortgage from a local community Bank, Abington Bank with their corporate offices in Jenkintown, Pa. was recorded. Montgomery County will now join Chester, Lancaster and Philadelphia Counties in accepting digital images for eRecording land documents such as mortgages, satisfactions and deeds submitted by title companies, abstractors, banks and attorneys.

eRecording is the process of electronically recording documents by submitting, receiving and processing documents for recording via the Internet that have traditionally been sent to the County for recording by mail, express mail, runner, or courier service. eRecording promises to accelerate document recording, create efficiencies in the recording process and dramatically improve the County’s ability to serve its constituents.

“Montgomery County is pleased to offer electronic recording to the public”, said Nancy Becker, “We are continually evaluating ways to improve the quality of our services and are confident that eRecording will enable us to more efficiently record documents, eliminate or quickly correct filing errors, but most importantly increase document security. Our constituents will have the ability to file and track the status of documents from the convenience of their place of business using a standard Web browser.”

More than a trend in land record document submission, eRecording is a government priority at both the Federal and Commonwealth level. Federal (ESIGN) and state legislation (UETA & URPERA) have established the legal basis for secure electronic recording. eRecording is just one of the priorities the Recorder of Deeds office is initiating to comply with Montgomery County’s Commissioner’s eGovernment initiative.

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