RamQuest Announces New Interface with Calyx Point

July 17, 2006

Mortgage originators using Calyx Point™ software will now have easy access to title and settlement services users of RamQuest Software, now that RamQuest has released an interface with Calyx loan origination software. The interface, a component of the Closing Market™ platform, will enable seamless communication between mortgage originators nationwide and users of RamQuest’s Complete Closing™ to submit and track orders, assign tasks and view documents.

According to a 2004 study conducted by Wholesale Access, 67.9% of mortgage brokers and direct lenders use Calyx Point™—a number greater than all other mortgage automation combined. Calyx Point™ is loan origination software offering forms, functionality, and flexibility for loan officers and processors. From loan marketing through closing, Point™ is designed to improve the efficiency, speed and reliability of each phase of the loan process. It also provides a single point to and from which mortgage-based information is exchanged with a wide array of lenders and service providers.

Beyond increasing efficiency, this integration will dramatically improve access to customers, according to RamQuest Associate Vice President Mark Holley. “This interface makes it seamless for RamQuest users to work with a significant number of mortgage originators nationwide, who will only need to use a drop-down menu in Point™ to order and track settlement services.”

Randy Heltemes, Vice President of Closing and Marketing at Title One, Inc., an independent firm providing title insurance and real estate closings, sees the digital, real-time exchange of data as a significant benefit for lenders and brokers working with his company.

Heltemes said, “The Closing Market™ interface makes things easier for our customers—they spend less time at the computer, or manually filling out applications, faxing and then waiting for confirmation. With the interface, and just a few clicks from within Point™, they can submit an order, request services and receive on the spot validation.” In addition, with fewer instances of re-keying order information, the rate of errors decreases as the time saved ordering, processing and delivering services greatly increases. Given just these efficiencies, an independent title company producing 500 files monthly could conceivably save annual labor costs equivalent to one full-time person.

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