RamQuest to Provide Direct Access to Charles Jones Patriot Search Product

July 20, 2006

RamQuest Software, Inc. recently announced the availability of its interface with Charles Jones, Inc.’s Patriot Name Search, a nationally known title search product.

Developed to provide direct access and rapid, accurate results, the interface allows title companies using RamQuest’s Complete Closing™ production system to automatically order certified Patriot Name Searches from a “drop-down” menu, and then automatically populates the relevant information. The connection is made possible through RamQuest’s Closing Market™ digital platform. The practical advantage is that the need to open a second window or program to place the order is eliminated—saving time and decreasing the potential for mistakes.

Once a title professional has entered names for the associated buyers and sellers on an order, the Closing Market™ interface extracts this information and submits it to a set of Web services available from Charles Jones, a principal provider of title search services. With this interface, RamQuest software users do not have to exit the order or the Complete Closing™ system to access the Patriot Name Search, and do not have to re-key names. When the name search is complete, the title company receives a PDF document that includes certification and search results. In most cases, results are received within minutes.

Michael Kennerley, Assistant Vice President of Sales for Charles Jones, Inc. says, “It’s all about saving time, increasing productivity, and most important, ensuring accuracy. When you eliminate the re-keying of names, you reduce the possibility for errors.”

All title companies are required to perform these searches as part of their title search process to comply with White House Executive Order 13224 and the USA PATRIOT Act. Names are checked against the Treasury Department’s Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) list of Specially Designated Nationals (SDN) and Blocked Persons, people blocked from participating in “any transaction or dealing … in property or interests” within the United States. The Patriot Name Search interface provides certified proof of the search, which makes it easy for settlement services industry professionals to demonstrate that identity verification requirements related to federal guidelines have been met.

“We are excited about the breadth of access to originators and service providers Closing Market™ is generating throughout the settlement industry,” said Mark Holley, Associate Vice President with RamQuest. “We’ll be announcing additional new interfaces shortly as the Market continues to grow.”

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