Express Financial Services Launches Expert Platform

July 31, 2006

Express Financial Services, Inc. (EFS), one of the nation’s most widely-used appraisal, title, settlement services and vendor management companies, has launched Expert, a proprietary software system that fully integrates the centralized platform of its National Service Center and its decentralized platform of local branch offices.

“Expert is first–of-its kind innovative technology,” said Richard M. Fuchs, EFS president. “There are a lot of software products out there that would be suitable for this industry at different levels, but the vendor management piece of the applications presents the single biggest challenge, particularly in a multi-state environment – that’s why we developed Expert.”

Expert’s dual platform serves EFS’s National Service Center, which works with national lenders, and its branch network, which provides services to community lenders and originators on a local level.

"This business is client-driven and every client has a potentially new process requirement,” Fuchs said. “In the early days, you could find a system tuned the way you process, and try to force the client requirement within your process hierarchy -- but that doesn’t work in this industry. You have to gear your processes and requirements to the clients’ needs. The technology utilized in Expert’s dual business platform environment is flexible enough to meet the different needs and challenges of each environment.”

EFS developed Expert to meet the significant growth of the National Service Center and the company’s branch network. “We were comfortable with our old system -- it functioned very well,” Fuchs said. “But if you are a growing company, you’ve got to really be thinking about how you’re going to process another 1,000 or 5,000 orders.”

EFS managers across the board have ownership in Expert, each submitting their design and system needs. “It was a collaborative effort on everyone’s part,” Fuchs said

Source: Express Financial Services

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