Kentucky is latest destination on Kasparnet expansion map

August 7, 2006

Kasparnet, Inc., an Ohio-based premier provider of real-estate title production, management and research services, has recently expanded its business into Kentucky. Covering all 120 counties, Kasparnet offers a full range of residential search products and recordation services, including its popular Title Search Report (TSR), to title agents and title-insurance companies.

“Our move into Kentucky is the next step in our ongoing effort to better serve clients in our ever-expanding markets,” says President Amy Kaspar, whose company also provides service statewide in Ohio and Michigan. “As our client base expands geographically, we want to continue to provide service that meets their needs.”

The TSR is designed to provide clients with a fully electronic search product in addition to standard exam notes. “The TSR has been well received by clients in Ohio and Michigan, and we believe it will be a key factor in Kentucky as well,” says Kaspar. “Title agents today are looking to save time and become more accurate and efficient in using integrated title-information products.”

Based in Medina, Ohio, Kasparnet, Inc. is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Old Republic Title Insurance Group, which for 13 consecutive years has been the highest-rated title insurance group in the nation. Through active participation in board governance, committee service and educational events for the American Land Title Association (ALTA) and the Ohio Land Title Association (OLTA), Kasparnet demonstrates a unique commitment to the industry.

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