SoftPro Releases New Imaging Technology

September 19, 2006

Raleigh, NC— SoftPro recently introduced an all new scanning and imaging program, SPImage. Designed for use in combination with its flagship product, ProForm, users will now be able to scan and attach documents of all types to their ProForm files and instantly retrieve those documents as needed.

“SPImage can help our customers create a truly “paperless” environment,” says Joyce Weiland, Chief Operating Officer of SoftPro. “By eliminating the time employees currently spend searching for files and the cost to warehouse thousands of documents, SPImage can significantly boost productivity while lowering expenses.”

For each set of documents scanned by SPImage, a bar-coded cover page is created and scanned to link the document set to the corresponding ProForm file. Within the ProForm file, users can access an index of all the document sets for that file. With the click of a button, users can search archived files for all types of documents including Microsoft Word files, email, PDF’s and more.

Users can instantly retrieve documents ranging from commitments, endorsements and deeds to HUD forms, owner policies, Truth in Lending documents and others. Locating a file is simple with SPImage’s flexible search capabilities. SPImage allows searching by almost any field, including customer name, buyer, seller, closer, policy number and settlement date to name just a few.

A truly scalable network solution, SPImage provides scanner set-up options ranging from having one scanner serve an entire office to a scanner placed by every desk. Available now in ProForm Enterprise Edition Version 4.0, SPImage will soon be available in ProForm Standard Edition Version 11.0.

Source: SoftPro

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