Stewart Lender Services is new Stewart operating division

October 3, 2006

Stewart Lender Services

HOUSTON -- Stewart Lender Services has been established as a new re-branded operating division of Stewart Information Services Corp. with enhanced vision of products and services for lender customers. "Our original Stewart Mortgage Information (SMI) group has grown into an industry leader in developing and bringing to market lender specific products and services in the areas of origination, post closing, servicing, default, business information and e-mortgage initiatives," said Stewart Morris Jr., president and co-chief executive officer, Stewart Information Services Corp.

"Kevin Gugenheim is leading this new effort on our behalf," added Morris. "Gugenheim had previously acted as president and chief operating officer of Stewart Mortgage Information over the past several years."

Stewart Lender Services will utilize its existing electronic order entry and vendor management technology platforms such as RealEC(TM) which will be completely integrated with Stewart's fully deployed technology applications including the AIM® title production system, SureClose® online transaction management, and the real estate information Web portal.

"Stewart is building on the advanced technology, products and services we are known for with a singular focus of providing magnificent service for our customers," said Gugenheim, president, Stewart Lender Services. "Our new name more aptly describes our comprehensive suite of products and services that we provide to our mortgage lender customers and our attitude of service that drives every member of our team.

"Conceived with only one thought in mind, Stewart is once again leveraging our considerable resources in an effort to maximize productivity and ultimately focus on one simple question...How can Stewart Lender Services help you help your customer?" asked Gugenheim.

Gugenheim joined SMI in 2000 and has more than 20 years experience in the mortgage industry with wholesale and retail loan origination and management, as well as management of secondary marketing and servicing departments for major national lenders.

Source: Stewart Lender Services

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