TSS Software Corporation Announces Interface With InTitle™ Software

October 23, 2006

TSS Software Corporation

TSS Software Corporation, an independent provider of settlement services software, has made available an interface with InTitle™, a paperless closing document delivery solution for use in the title industry.

Developed by InWare™, a Cleveland, Ohio, software developer, InTitle’s™ customizable software allows title companies to present important closing documents to their customers by providing a compact CD-ROM instead of the traditionally bulky paperwork pile. In the process, the title user is also able to customize the appearance of the contents with a company logo, slogan and other graphics to better market to the consumer, in an effort to capture additional referral or repeat business.

With the interface, title agencies using the InTitle™ program to deliver important documents to customers will not need to re-key information extracted from their TitleExpress databases.

InTitle™ gathers the required closing documents electronically from the TitleExpress database and extracts buyer and seller information to populate fields programmed to appear on the CD-ROM. There is no additional scanning or data entry required. The title agency user can choose, with simple checkboxes, the documentation to be included, add miscellaneous documents pulled from a network or user drive, insert intuitive, descriptive names for files, and then e-mail documents or burn them to CD. There are no printing costs even to preview the CD contents. InTitle™ includes a preview feature so that information can be verified and corrected if necessary before burning the CD.

Costs for traditional hardcopy delivery of closing documents to customers can add significantly to an agency’s overhead. InWare™ has creatively turned this necessary process into a means of generating new business and increasing repeat business.

In addition to the savings gained from reduced paper waste, printing supply costs, copy click charges, equipment maintenance fees, and downtime productivity losses, the InTitle™ interface gives title companies the opportunity to market themselves and their partners with every CD handoff.

InTile™ comes with completely customizable templates that turn a routine CD into a smartly executed marketing piece. Company and partner logos and contact information are prominently displayed throughout the CD, which is introduced in an active, moving milieu of colors and music. Templates allow users to easily change the look and feel of the final CD without any of the development costs. Users can pick colors, images, and background music or add custom narration. InWare offers an online demo, but will also customize a demo for prospect agencies.

TitleExpress users who take advantage of the interface with InTitle™ can deliver required documents cost-effectively and efficiently and market their businesses at the same time. Robert Miller, TSS CEO said, “Not only will the interface make it easier for title companies to save money, but whenever the customer loads the CD to retrieve the closing paperwork, the personalized one-to-one marketing is there. That’s going to keep the customer coming back for the next transaction or trigger a referral.”

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