More Than 4,500 Recorded Documents a Day Processed in Harris County, Texas, Through New e-STAR Plus(TM) Cashiering System

October 25, 2006

Landata Technologies Inc.

HOUSTON -- Between 4,500 and 5,000 recorded documents each business day are being processed via the new e-STAR Plus cashiering module installed in Harris County, the third-largest county in the nation by population and the most populous county in Texas.

In fact, more than 5,000 documents were processed through the e-STAR cashiering system the first day of operation. All cashiering workstations balanced out at the end of the day.

"We are definitely pleased to take this initial step toward electronic recording of real property documents in the next few weeks," said the Honorable Beverly Kaufman, Harris County Clerk. "The cash management component is essential to the efficient transition to electronic filing."

Landata Technologies Inc. worked over the weekend of Aug. 25 through Aug. 28 to shut down the existing cashiering system and to install the state-of-the-art cashiering workstations at the real property, personal records, probate and civil court departments in the main Harris County Clerk's office in downtown Houston. Landata Technologies also implemented the system at nine branch offices located across the county.

The company's customer support team was on-site the week before implementation, providing training to more than 70 members of the Harris County staff located in the main and branch offices - as well as during the week following the cutover. Its technical services team was on-site in Harris County for two weeks prior to cutover to coordinate hardware installation with the Harris County information technology department.

"As a result of the hard work by our team and the Harris County staff, there was not a single day of downtime for the county," said Alan Cellura, president and chief executive officer, Landata Technologies.

The e-STAR Plus cashiering module is integrated with the existing Harris County recordation system, as well as the mainframe database application supporting the county's civil and probate courts. In addition, the new module supports a credit-card swiping system and integration with the LegalEase payment system, significantly reducing data entry requirements. The direct download from the e-STAR cashiering system to the county's general ledger system eliminates hand-posting altogether.

"Our detailed site survey and design sessions with the Harris County staff ensured that this proposed system would meet and exceed Harris County's expectations," added Cellura. "We are pleased that this installation has been so successful, and look forward to implementing the e-recording module in a live session before the end of the month."

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