PropertyInfo and Stewart Re-Source Team Up to Offer New Search and Map Property Information Tool

November 3, 2006

HOUSTON--(BUSINESS WIRE)--PropertyInfo and Stewart Re-Source have teamed up to enhance PropertyInfo's existing Property Profiles product, incorporating a "click-and-drag" mapping component.

Users such as residential real estate agents and commercial brokers will still be able to search properties by ZIP code, addresses, transaction dates and more, and produce Property Profiles for marketing purposes. The new capability, called "Paint Your Farm," for residential professionals and "LandMap," for commercial professionals, allows use of selection tools such as a rectangle, line, polygon or cursor to do such actions as:

  • Select all properties within a certain radius that touch a subject property
  • Send selected property addresses to mailing labels or download in another format
  • Click and measure land area or any other point-to-point distance
  • Add text to a created map, convert it to a PDF, and send or save it
"Thanks to the teamwork of our partners in Re-Source, we now have a seamless way of marrying up rich public record data with high-quality aerials and mapping tools," said Cathy Bell, president, "We've already introduced the enhancement to key Property Profiles clients and have received rave reviews."

"Residential and commercial multiple listing services will find this enhancement an extremely valuable tool for their subscribers," added Bell. "Using it is very easy and intuitive. Any real estate professional can immediately see marketing applications for it as soon as they sit down and view a demo."

The technology that enabled this enhancement, re-sourceĀ®, is a site analysis tool used by commercial real estate professionals, including developers, lenders, brokers, insurers and investors.

"The project with has been in the works for several months now," said Kas Ebrahim, president, Stewart Re-Source. "Stewart Re-Source specializes in commercial data solutions and showing clients how they can harness the power of their own data. Coupled with's expertise in residential and commercial property information, customers now have a powerful 'one-two' punch toward getting ahead of their competition."

Source: Stewart Information Services Corp

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