InWare Reinvents High-Touch With Universal Version of InTitle

December 20, 2006

InWare has released its Universal version of InTitle™, its flagship real estate software. InTitle affords title insurance companies the opportunity to market their services directly to home buyers while delivering traditionally bulky home closing documents electronically on a compact CD.

InTitle’s releases to date have included tightly integrated interfaces to some of the nation’s largest title and closing production platforms. The InTitle Universal release is a standalone version of the program that is compatible with all title production systems regardless of the user’s existing environment.

InWare has creatively turned the necessary task of closing document delivery into a means of generating new consumer business and increasing repeat business. Today’s tech-savvy consumers are becoming increasingly involved in other aspects of real estate transactions besides the point of sale. Consequently, title professionals are beginning to recognize the benefits of marketing not only to traditional sources of business—Realtors, lenders, mortgage brokers and builders—but to consumers themselves. The InTitle Universal version gives title companies a simple way to shift their businesses’ marketing focus to include the consumer, as well as branding the transaction’s Realtor, mortgage lender or homebuilder, in every CD handoff.

InTitle transforms a standard CD into a lively piece of marketing collateral complete with Flash animation and tabbed organization. Customizable templates allow users to easily change the look and feel of the final CD without any of the development costs. Users can pick colors, images, and background music or add custom narration. Company and partner logos and contact information are prominently displayed throughout the CD, which is introduced in an active, moving milieu of colors and music. Tabs can include important and helpful information tailored to the consumer, anything from refinance tips to local emergency numbers. Title companies can also co-brand their industry partners such as Realtors, lenders, and attorneys. By personalizing closing document presentation for both customers and partners, title companies create brand recognition for the long haul. For the consumer it’s a memorable and easily accessible reference; for industry partners, it’s a potent endorsement—both of which can help title companies to build relationships for life.

Lisa Kowall, Comptroller for Resource Title Agency, said that the agency’s escrow officers and assistants are avid users of InTitle. “Customers love the CDs they receive. They’ve called them ‘phenomenal.’ Home buyers appreciate the local information including links to helpful Web sites, especially those people new to the area. And for us, besides being so easy to use, InTitle has so many features that other CD products on the market don’t offer: a preview feature, the ability to go back and add or delete documents, and e-mail capability from right inside the program.”

The Universal version is not Internet dependent. Instead, it resides on the users’ desktop for easy access. The program is independently operating and comes fully developed with its own back-end database for storing source of business and consumer information. Once the database is populated, there is never a need to input that information again. In addition, the program allows users to pull closing or other miscellaneous documentation from a local network or user drive for inclusion on the CD. The program also comes with its own CD-burning capability.

Costs for traditional hardcopy delivery of closing documents to customers can add significantly to an agency’s overhead. In addition to its marketing features, InTitle’s electronic document delivery reduces the costs of paper waste, printing supplies, copy click charges, equipment maintenance fees, and downtime productivity losses.

Source: InWare LLC

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