LSSI and Loan-Score Form Strategic Alliance

June 5, 2008

POWAY & IRVINE, Calif. - Lender Support Systems Inc. (LSSI), a global provider of eMortgage enabled lending and loan servicing technology software, announced a strategic alliance with Loan Score Decisioning Systems, an emerging company in enterprise-class automated underwriting solutions. The partnership leverages complementary technologies, common relationships and joint resources to deliver enhanced value to shared customers.

Under the agreement, LSSI and Loan-Score plan to couple synergistic products with one another to offer clients increased functionality by way of solution integration. Among other offerings, LSSI provides initial disclosures, document preparation, loan servicing software and compliance services. Loan-Score engineers best-of-breed decisioning and automated underwriting solutions that can be extended to the point-of-sale for all lending channels and product types. The two firms will bundle and integrate various solutions together to meet the unique demands of their collective client bases.

“There are a number of different synergies between our companies and the best-in-class products we have developed,” said William McCord, chairman and CEO of Loan-Score. “Given the breadth of our solutions coupled with the ease of integration each platform‘s architecture permits, a strategic alliance made a lot of sense. By integrating and packaging various origination and servicing solutions together, we deliver more value to existing customers while also expanding the markets we can sell.”

“The increasing utilization of advanced Web services is helping the industry deliver on the promise of service-oriented architecture," said Cary Burch, chairman and CEO of LSSI. “Loan-Score and LSSI’s orchestration of business services will enable customers to improve efficiencies via transparency of communication, integration and the fluid exchange of data from our system to theirs. As a result, customers will benefit from our best-of-breed solutions being tied together by SOA and SaaS.”

LSSI and Loan-Score will announce specific integrations between select products during the second quarter of 2008.

Source: LSSI

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