Wave Introduces Advances to Its Electronic Signature and Vaulting Software for Mortgage Industry

October 22, 2008

Wave Systems Corp. unveiled enhancements to its electronic signature and vaulting software, offerin gmortgage lenders a complete solution from origination to closing that canaddress many critical short comings of traditional paper processing. With the latest enhancements to eTMS, lenders can now securely deliver, trackand sign disclosure documents electronically. Closing documents can besigned and notarized in a secure environment and the note then registered through MERS, the industry endorsed system for electronically tracking mortgage ownership and servicing rights. E-Mortgages are designed to offer lenders protection against borrowers claiming not to have understood their debt obligation. With e-signing ande-mortgages, lenders can now require electronic initialing on key line items -- a critical feature for refuting borrower calls to nullify thel oan. eTMS, now with its optional SmartClose module, adds critical functionality to enable true e-Mortgages.

The new SmartClose module includes integration with MERS® for electronically tracking mortgage ownership, servicing rights and electronic notary functionality for critical documents. SmartClose adds robust administration, notification, management and reporting tools to theSmartSAFE surrounding MERS transactions. Users can pre-configure profiles to allow for the automation of transactions and notification responses. In addition, users can set up MERS profiles for themselves or delegates. The system is more than a transaction engine; it is designed to provide keyr eporting and auditing mechanisms on MERS history via the SmartSAFE or Webservices.

Electronic Notarization

The SmartClose module also offers electronic notarization through integration of the World Wide Notary's DigaSign application with SmartSAFE. Notaries can download documents requiring electronic notarization directly from the SmartSAFE, perform the notarization via the DigaSign application and seamlessly upload notarized documents back to the SmartSAFE. The integration with DigaSign allows enterprises to leverage mobile electronic notaries to complete the document notarization requirements online or offline.

"SmartClose is a significant addition to our software suite, offering lenders and mortgage platform providers a more seamless roadmap to true electronic mortgages," said Kelly Purcell, executive president of WaveSystems' eSign division. "By integrating with MERS and World Wide Notary ,eTMS is now designed to offer one-stop-shopping for lenders, fromdis closure through notarization to closing and note registration. Additionally the notarization integration can be utilized outside of the mortgage industry in areas such as insurance and banking where eSignaturesare enabling paperless transactions as well."

SigniaDocs to Utilize SmartClose

SigniaDocs, a provider of comprehensive eMortgage services based in Houston, has already incorporated the SmartClose Module in its hostedeMortgage services offering.

SmartClose also affords lenders multiple signing choices. Lenders can use the SmartSignature™ Server, a server-side component that allows organizations to customize the signing experience or the SmartSigningRoom™, an optional component of the SmartSAFE that enables an organizationto offer signers a secure, personal environment to execute documents. The two different signing applications are fully integrated into a robust,compliant electronic vault offering users significant flexibility --documents can be signed at home or at work and those requiring a notary to be present can also be processed through eTMS.

Source: Wave Systems

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