ServiceLink Provides Loan Modification Solutions for Lenders and Servicers

November 20, 2008

ServiceLink, a provider of origination and default services and the national mortgage services platform of Fidelity National Financial offers loan modification solutions to meet the immediate needs of lenders and servicers.

ServiceLink provides a comprehensive suite of settlement services for all modification types, from rate resets and payment recasts to complex loan term adjustments. Lenders and servicers can streamline their processes with the help of ServiceLink’s modification solutions.

“ServiceLink understands that the needs of the mortgage industry are rapidly changing, which is why we are offering loan modification solutions to help our clients meet a quickly evolving mortgage financing landscape,” said Kevin Gugenheim, executive vice president of ServiceLink. “We have a very capable staff and seasoned management team that’s working closely with our customers to define effective loan modification processes in a fluid environment.”

The ServiceLink loan modification solutions include title and closing services, valuation and Mortgage Modification Guarantees (MMG). The MMG provides assurance for eligible loans that when terms of an existing mortgage are modified, the modification instrument does not affect the validity, priority or enforceability of the existing lien. The MMG eliminates the need for the modifying lender to track down the previous insurer to request modification endorsements, which can be costly and time consuming.

Source: ServiceLink

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