How Do You Engage the Kept-On Workforce? - LTI Seminar May 20

May 19, 2009

As the Title Industry knows all too well, in an economic crisis, organizations are often forced to downsize, restructure and freeze hiring.  But if efforts at stabilizing or saving the business are to succeed, managers must secure the talent, energy, and loyalty of the employees who remain. Both during the transition and after the economic dust has settled those organizations that continue to engage and develop their people will be the ones that survive the uncertainty and out-perform the competition.  Join LTI for this poignant telephone seminar and learn:

  1. Why organizational loyalty and commitment may not be a given anymore, but why they're more important than ever
  2. Why managers are the mark of a company that is truly an "employer of choice"
  3. How managers can coach their employees through the challenges and demands of an organizational transition
  4. Why discretionary effort is not for sale, and how managers can motivate and inspire employees despite a difficult financial environment

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