MobileSecure Laptop Protective Services

July 12, 2009

44 states have enacted tough new Data Security regulations. Should you lose a laptop that POTENTIALLY exposes customer data, you must notify the customer and the State's Attorney General.

These regulations make it painful for those companies who ignore them; fines, penalties and further legal consequences.

Cost related to the loss of a person's data is approximately $200 per person.

Statistics show that 1 in 10 laptops are stolen in the U.S each year and 2000 computers are stolen daily.

You need a way of keeping track of customers' personal data and limit access in the event it is lost or falls into the wrong hands. ALTA has found a solution for you with Laptop Protective Services (LPS). LPS is easy to implement, "set it and forget it," is there when you need it and only costs $60/device/year.

If you or your employee's laptop is lost or stolen, you will be able to demonstrate to the Attorney General's office and your customers that you have a data protection plan in place and the technology to support it.

With an investment of $5/month you can potentially save thousands of dollars later. Do you really have a choice? It's the LAW!

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