NextAce Expands Automated Title Software

July 12, 2010

Title automation and business process optimization (BPO) company NextAce announced an expansion of its automated title software and services with the release of NextAce Connects, a virtual examination platform that provides instant access to all title orders. The system monitors title production using automated queuing, workflow management, and real-time reporting, through a single user interface.

NextAce Connects is the company's next generation title production platform, combining their TitleEDGE system with expanded geography and connectivity to outside systems and processes. NextAce Connects manages all orders, regardless of their associated production system through a single interface that provides flexibility across a wide geography, including multiple data providers, tax resources, image suppliers, abstractor networks, production systems, fulfillment centers (including offshore), and delivery platforms and methods.

The platform is currently integrated with over three dozen production systems including SoftPro, RAMQuest, Impact, iClose, AIM and Resware.

"By providing title insurers with a platform to instantly access all of their orders, they can deliver a faster and more consistent product while reducing their associated production costs," said NextAce CEO Don Cantral. "The interest our customers have shown in this new platform is tremendous as they continue to choose advanced automated processes over manual search and examination. They recognize that NextAce's automation gives them a cost and service advantage over title companies that have not embraced these types of automation enabled solutions."

According to NextAce, it has processed nearly two million title orders through its automated title processes. NextAce automation can complete the search and examination in a matter of minutes followed by a review process that requires normally less than ten minutes per order providing the ability to deliver a completed title product to the lender, realtor, or escrow company in as little as one hour. On average, NextAce says it processes a new title order every 12 seconds.

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