Florida Title Consulting Company to become Publicly Traded Company

August 3, 2010

St. Petersburg, Fla.-based Title Consulting Services Inc. has completed the necessary filings to become a publicly traded company. This will allow a priced quotation of the company's common stock on the Pink Sheets secondary stock quotation service. The trading symbol on Pink Sheets is TITL.

"The events of the past several years have helped to pave the way to becoming a publicly traded company,” said Dustin Secor, CEO of Title Consulting Services. “We look forward to continuing a solid and rewarding relationship with our present and future customers as well as our shareholders. The confidence that you have placed in us as a company only further validates our vision."

Secor said the company will expand into other states as conditions allow. He said the company will accomplish expansion through acquisitions and recruitment of staff with significant existing revenue production based upon their relationships with real estate brokers, mortgage lenders and other industry participants.

Title Consulting Services is an independent title insurance agency that provides title insurance and real estate closing services. Operations commenced January 2001.

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