21 Tips for Successfully Managing Telecommuters

September 23, 2010

LTI Seminar/Webinar September 28, 2010

Chances are that on any given day 40% of your employees are working from home or outside the office. While that's not necessarily a bad thing, it does present you with two significant challenges.

The first is to ensure your telecommuters work at maximum efficiency. Second, you need to make certain your in-office productivity and morale don't suffer.

Join this tele-seminar and learn how to:

  • Define and document the expectations, performance requirements, accountability measures, and the do's and don'ts of working outside your office
  • Determine which staff members and job functions are best suited to work remotely - for both the individual telecommuter as well as the employees who will remain in office
  • Avoid the five major potential liabilities associated with telecommuting
  • Ensure remote workers remain available and responsive to in-office workers' needs
  • Help your telecommuters avoid job burnout
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