Integrity Title launches 26th Title Plant in Texas

October 14, 2010

With the rollout of its 26th county title plant in Texas, Integrity Title Records, Ltd., LLP covers the largest population centers of any title plant provider in the state. Integrity Title now offers statewide access in 26 counties, representing the 9 major metropolitan markets of Amarillo, Austin, Beaumont, Corpus Christi, Dallas/ Fort Worth, El Paso, Houston, San Antonio, and East Texas. Title insurance premiums issued in these counties represents 78 percent of the total premium remitted in Texas according to the most recent Statistical Report published by the Texas Department of Insurance.

In pursuit of statewide coverage, Integrity Title has maintained its high standards of quality and accessibility. “What sets us apart are our people and the resources available through our system,” said Paul Cones, president of Integrity Title. “Our plants are built by abstractors and examiners for abstractors and Examiners, and our platform allows for a higher level of searching than our competition.”

Cones has employed the knowledge he’s gained over the last 28 years to build a superior title search product. Almost all counties include historical back plants providing the title researcher with records back to 1836 or the formation date of the county. In addition, Integrity Title provides starters and base files making it the most comprehensive resource in the industry.

“Having access to all of the county data on one platform is a major advantage for our subscribers,” according to Brian Trettel, vice president, business development for Integrity. “Our clients, particularly our multi-county and national agents, appreciate the ability to perform research 24/7 anywhere they have an internet connection. Using one vendor and one platform increases efficiency and speeds training time for the title examination staff.”

This fact is not lost on independent agents within the Houston and Austin Markets in particular, where title plant restrictions entrenched put them at a closing disadvantage.

Integrity Title built the first new title plant in Harris County in 35 years over eight years ago and became the first internet-based title plant in Texas in 1999. In doing so, Integrity has made it more affordable for agents to enter the Texas market using comprehensive, high quality title plants. Integrity continues to build title plants in markets throughout the state and has been approved by every major title insurance underwriter.

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