2010 Elections: Debate between Free Market and Regulation Takes Center Stage

October 28, 2010

With passage of health care reform and a major overhaul to financial legislation and the creation of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, the 2010 elections are shaping up as a referendum on the question of how much government is too much government. Read on as two ALTA members each offer a different perspective on the proper role and scope of regulation.

The issue of just how much government intervention is necessary in a free enterprise system is an ongoing battle between laissez-faire proponents and those who argue that continual and intense government monitoring is necessary to protect the consumer.

Offering competing views on which theory is better for a healthy economy, we have two members of ALTA. Bob Miller, chief executive officer of TSS Software Corp., is a former economics professor and an ardent proponent of free markets encumbered by fewer regulations. Chuck Dyer is the owner of Edward Title LLC in Ozark, Ark., who argues that without sensible rules, there are no healthy markets.

“Rarely has so much been at stake, not just for the title industry, but for the structure and soundness of the American economy,” said Kurt Pfotenhauer, chief executive officer of ALTA. “Our purpose in providing both views – other than exposing you to how smart and articulate are some of our members – is to give you some of the input you might want before pulling the voting lever next week.”

Chuck Dyer: More Regulation for the Financial Services Industry?

Bob Miller: The Title Industry Needs Economic Freedom

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