RamQuest Opens New Business Segment

February 8, 2011

RamQuest Inc. launched a new business segment, The Center for Business Excellence, which will be responsible for defining and demonstrating industry best practice standards and modeling methodologies for more progressive customer and prospect engagements.

This new business segment will be managed by industry veteran Cathy Vass. In the new role of director of the Center for Business Excellence, Vass will lead RamQuest’s efforts to construct best practice standards as the company continues to drive forward in the market, partnering with customers to help them do business more effectively and efficiently. Vass, whose strengths are in production, operations and management, brings five years of RamQuest experience combined with 15 years of title industry experience to this position.

“In her tenure at RamQuest, Cathy has been instrumental in many facets of our business and has made invaluable contributions to our company’s success. Cathy’s role in this new business segment is reflective of her commitment to our company and our customers,” said Mark McElroy, RamQuest President and CEO. “The demographics of this industry are changing – and the expectation of the new demographic is for a more electronic and seamless process for closing. Under Cathy’s management, The Center for Business Excellence will develop standards that will complement RamQuest’s current efforts to enable customers by ensuring that they fully understand how to leverage new and existing technologies to grow market share and increase profitability.”

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